In the vehicle remarketing industry, the timely and efficient sale of vehicles depends on the secure storage of titles, the expert administration of the consignment, and the proficient shipment of titles to the point of sale. That’s why so many industry-leading customers depend on the Jack Cooper CT Services Title Center.

Timely Solutions from Our Title Center

Our specially-designed Title Center is supported by exceptional systems and professional expertise – assuring that titles are available at the time of sale, regardless of location. We’re capable of handling millions of titles per year through this fully secure, world-class facility.

Advantages we bring to our title & key processing services:

  • Title Expertise - Our title experts are trained in each facet of administrative processes for all 50 states.
  • Dedicated Systems - Systems are designed specifically for title storage and processing.
  • 24/7 Customer Access - Title data and images are available online, any time.
  • 24-Hour Title Delivery - Titles can be delivered to your designated location within 1 business day.
  • Customized Online Reporting - Timely, customized reporting is available as needed.
  • Storage Excellence - Titles are housed in secure, fire-proof storage cabinets within a contemporary fire-rated storage facility.
  • Additional Measures - We’ve also built in extensive checks and balances, security measures and random auditing to ensure accuracy and timeliness.

Spare Key and Key FOB Storage

Car rental customers sometimes lose keys. This causes significant costs and revenue loss for rental car companies. Jack Cooper CT Services has a solution to help minimize those costs. We store thousands of spare keys and key fobs in our secure vault. In the event that a key or key fob is lost, by a car rental customer, we ship the spare key or key fob overnight; which enables the rental car company to put the vehicle back into rental service more quickly.

The Title Center has helped our customers virtually eliminate the problem of misplaced or delayed titles, keys and key fobs. We approach these services as essential “market-ready” solutions to keep the automotive marketplace moving. Our customers can tell you from experience: Our systems and processes work.

Contact us today and see why customers trust their titles, keys and key fobs with Jack Cooper CT Services.

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