OEM Claims Management System (ACMS)

Jack Cooper Logistics’ approach to claims management fully considers the complexities of today’s marketplace, where most vehicles sold in a geographical market are likely manufactured elsewhere. A vehicle sold in Argentina may have been produced in Eastern Europe, with a full slate of vehicle logistics required to get it to market: trucking from plant to rail terminal, inspection and responsibility transfer, rail loading and transport to the port, rail unloading, vessel loading and tie down, vessel unloading, port processing, and so on.

Each activity is performed by a different operator who accepts the vehicle and reports any exception that is found. The operators' responsibility ends when and where the next link accepts the vehicle and reports exceptions to its condition. The rubber meets the road when the vehicle reaches its final dealer destination.

ACMS: Superior Process and Accurate Judgments

ACMS is a unique platform that enables effective claims recovery in a streamlined manner, without interruptions, and standardizes all inspection reports – making timely and accurate value estimates for dealer repair work and damage recovery.

ACMS, precisely, determines at which link of the chain the damage occured and maintains a common platform for documentary proof to be examined by all parties – providing supporting root cause documentation. It links the legal window restrictions with the issuance of timely notices and keeps track of development of each claim all the way to collection, generating the needed reports and maintaining all databases for statistical analysis. It also allows for insurance premiums, deductibles and other relevant parameters to be optimally managed.

Competitor procedures often follow a process that places blame on each chain participant and charges the participant who fails to decline the blame. Their process can be a most time-consuming and alienating activity.

Jack Cooper Logistics’ system and its minimal management structure:

  • Standardizes claim types and their individual cost (5 digit coding AIAG).
  • Specifies root cause identification.
  • Automates the claim collection process, meeting all legal requirements.
  • Creates in-house data-capture capacity, data analysis and archives.
  • Allows supply chain web interaction and document exchange and filing.

Immediate and Long-term Advantages

Using a comprehensive system like ACMS brings clear advantages to the claims management process:

  • Insures claims collection
  • Eliminates inaccurate dealer reports
  • Reduces expensive capital accruals
  • Eliminates “adjustment” fees

As a result, ACMS enables OEMs to make important strategic decisions regarding risk allocation.

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